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Affiliated to Can-Achieve, ADDIN Education Marketing has been engaging in the education industry for 28 years. We also belonged to Bright Scholar which is a New York Stock Exchange listed education company, making us a safe choice for schools who values high quality and credible service.

Country Garden is the parent company of Bright Scholar, Can-Achieve and ADDIN Education Marketing. As a Fortune 500 company, and the Top 3 Real Estate Company in China (1st in 2021 ranking), Country Garden now has more than 5 million house owners. This has given ADDIN the advantage to directly access these building owners, collect real data from them and promote educational product to them.

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We provide high quality, professional, fruitful service to overseas education institutions to reach Chinese audiences.

We ADD our partners INTO the gigantic and profitable Chinese education market. Meanwhile, we will be useful and insightful as a computer ADDIN to perform professionally and add profitable value to our partners.

The color blue in A looks like a paddle, which means partnership, support and achievement in China. We will be the promoter, initiator, accelerating the growth of our partners.

Digitization, data, information are the key to success for every industry. Our design in letter I shows our ambitions to always keep growing, developing and learning to create a solid foundation for our partners in the Chinese market. 

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Our digital media and marketing services on Chinese local media channels will offer you the best and most accurate strategies to reach your Chinese consumers. We offer one-stop marketing experience from local search engine SEO& SEM planning, WeChat, RED, Douyin, Zhihu media& content planning, to official websites design, translation and hosting solutions, not to mention account establishment, operations and back-end support.

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