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We partner with Can-Achieve, an active participant in international education, an approved ICEF agency, recognized AIRC member and regular NAFSA exhibitor. Can-Achieve also serve as an authorized application processing center, as well as a testing center designated by some of our institution partners. Since 2012, ADDIN, together with Can-Achieve have been managing China offices for several institution partners in Canada and the U.S. We have continuously regulated our practices and strategies in accordance with internationally recognized standards in order to continue performing adequately the role of in-country recruiting consultant for overseas institutions.

Our Expertise

All our staffs are highly professional with related working experience and a wide variety of practical knowledge in education and marketing. Our team consists of marketing specialists with years of industry expertise and experiences in marketing analysis, competitor analysis and student recruiting, recognizable English proficiency and strong work ethics. We also have several expert team catering for website construction, social media promotion and publication needs. ADDIN can also create innovative service packages tailored to meet institution partners’ needs in all aspects of recruitment from in-country representation, student enquiry/application support to event management, logistics and media management.

FAQ about ADDIN Program Office Service

What is program office exactly?

Long story short, we help you rent a working office in China, and we help you recruit employees to recruit more fluently and easily in the local environment.

OR, you can hire your own employees, we will just help you manage them, pay their salaries/insurance/travel fees etc. and organize business event and grow networks.

1. Employee Screening: From years of experience, we developed a very matured PO selection mechanism. We are also experienced in both selecting, deploying and managing your school representatives, providing you a solid student recruiting foundation.

2. Student Screening: Relied on our partnership with Can-Achieve and Bright Scholar, ADDIN developed a standardized student selection system, including professional individual assessment to guarantee the quality of your candidates forefront.

3. Big Data Support: ADDIN can have direct contact to over 5 million individuals in China. With this data, we are able to help you find the most compatible candidates and precisely target these people to improve recruiting efficiency.

4. GTM Strategy: We always base our strategic plans of market data and intensive market analysis. Our marketing professionals will provide guidance and professional training to your school representatives, optimize our strategy in real-time to keep you always ahead of your competitors.

1.Digital Marketing Solution-Grow Social Impact and Recruit Smart

You can package the program office service with our digital marketing service which includes digital marketing planning, Chinese local social media consultancy and advisory, online campaigns, branding, SEO&SEM, content planning, target audience analysis.

We believe that eventually the world is gearing towards a hybrid of online and offline marketing. Thus, grabbing the trend of digital media marketing or O2O marketing is essential for education institutions maximize your profit.

2.Can-Achieve Network-Understand yourself and your surroundings

Our sister company Can-Achieve works with institutions worldwide, analyzing market opportunities, diagnosing areas of weaknesses, and helping you benchmark against your competitors all based on our real data source. Supported by student data, we are able to provide accurate and practical advice to make your school stand out.

We also provide suggestions and guidance for you to develop and maintain healthy relationships with local tertiary institutions, government, and education agencies across Asia. We will help you identify potential partners and develop connections sustainably.


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