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This will be free if you bundle it with other services provided by ADDIN. We help you design and arrange displat time. You can choose the placement you want.

Content page usually has higher traffic than home page because most of the visitors find us through the contents we write for the website.

  • Cheaper Option
  • High Traffic
  • Complementary to other services
  • More targeted to intended audiences
We can promote your school to people intended to study abroad in popular countries.
Creative Design
We help you design specific banner that can attract most attentions.
The service period for banner ad is very flexible, but have to book ahead of time for specific time frame.
Let your audience see you everywhere to increase their tendency to apply.

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Other methods and platforms to help you enhance your social impact in China and raise awareness.

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Arrange social media campaign on Douyin, Red, Zhihu, WeChat to maximize content exposure to intended students.


An ideal platform to target college students and professional workers and young parents.


NO.1 platform to build awareness, impressions, social volume over competitors.

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