University of Delaware

  • University in USA

University of Delaware

Delaware, USA

We help University of Delaware establish WeChat account, operate and manage this account.

Final Outcome

◾ 2 - 8 article update per month
◾ 10 monthly back-end inquiries
◾ 200-600 views per article
◾ 2000+ followers in 6 months

Experience & Activities

Our WeChat strategy has successfully helped University of Delaware acquired 2-5 students in 2022 and we will establish Red account for the school in 2023 for better recruiting outcomes.

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The platform to target parent population and to post the most authoritative and official school information.


An ideal platform to target college students and professional workers and young parents.


Arrange social media campaign on Douyin, Red, Zhihu, WeChat to maximize content exposure to intended students.

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