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Chinese government restricted access to many websites and services hosted outside mainland China. Users experience longer loading time and more website errors if you are not hosting your website locally. Besides, many VPN app is also not easily available to the public, so we highly suggest you to create a Chinese official website to help more Chinese audiences view and search for accurate and official information online.

Professional website development and user-friendly design

Website Loading Time
This directly affects how long people stay on your site. The longer time they spend on your website, more interesting topics they'll see and more likely they will consider to apply. Choosing a Chinese website server and a local domain will shorten the time people wait for a page to show up.
User-friendly Design
If the design is not very intuitive for the Users to use and navigate on your site, people will bounce out and you will lose these potential audiences. Since we are a highly localized company, we will help you test out several times before we launch your site to the public.
Most people using website as their main source of information are parent populations. They usually are not fluent with English and prefer to read Chinese contents. We will help you translate all information into Chinese and highlight the most important contents.
Keyword Optimization
As you might notice, many people come to the site not only from home page but also from content page. We will help you consolidate keywords and ensure its indexing in Baidu search engine so that people will more likely to see your content while searching for related keywords.

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