Douyin (Similar to TikTok and is called Douyin in China)

  • 700 Million MAU
  • 420 Million DAU
  • 82.3% Tier3&4 City Users
  • Highest User Engagement
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Douyin, the NO.1 short video platform in China. It now has established a large user base of 700 Mn users.

Although at the beginning, this platform mainly attracts users under 35 yo, a recent report from Douyin indicated that the users above 35 yo consist of 49% of the total users on the platform.

Our team will use Douyin to convey a more dynamic, fun and interactive school image to adapt to the user behaviors& psychology on the platform.



It is not the most ideal platform to drive convertion for education institutions especially if you don't have time to livestream, but it's the best platform to increase exposures of your school in a short period of time.

Tier 1&2 user only takes up 17.7% of the total user base. The major user on Douyin now are tier 3& tier4 users (82.3%). 

Douyin:  NO.1 platform to build awareness, impressions, social volume over competitors.

Our Service


We help with content planning, campaign planning, video scripting, editing, account operation& management.

IP Account

IP account will be more attracting to Douyin users, especially the people has a funny and engaging personality.

School Account

We can help you build official account but it is not suggested because it will be too serious for the platform users.

Content Planning

We help you formulate content strategy, media calendar, edit content to attract local users.

Video Planning

Based on materials provided, we will help you do script planning, video filming, editing and post productions to fit the platform dynamics.

Campaign Planning

We will help you purchase and plan Dou+ service to maximize the amount of impressions for your contents.


Why should I establish Douyin account?

There are three major types of Douyin users:

1. People looking for entertaining contents after tiring work.

2. People who don't have lots to spend because most of them are from Tier3&4 cities.

3. People who wants advice through 1to1 interaction in livestream.

All of the above platform nature makes this platform good for content exposures, but if you want to acquire people on the platform, we can help you arrange livestreaming event on the platform, in addition to regular account operations.

We can edit videos based on raw materials to make more people want to click on the content and finish viewing the entire video.

Meanwhile, we can also write script for you and plan video content for you to set brand tone, brand voice and stand out from your competitors.

Last but not least, we will arrange livestreaming event on the platform to acquire intended students and help you manage them on WeChat, guiding them to apply to your school.

We charge by media frequency, the more content you want, the higher it costs. However, we will also post contents that don't need intensive editing for free. We also guarantee high number of content exposure and view of each individual post.

In addition, the charge for just editing the content vs. helping you film the video are different. The latter is more expensive.

For other detail, feel free to contact us anytime.

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Exposure Package

Promote Your Content On Our Media Accounts, including Douyin, Red, Zhihu, WeChat, website etc.


An ideal platform to target college students and professional workers and young parents.


NO.1 platform to build awareness, impressions, social volume over competitors.

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