Community Resource

We works with hundreds of institutions worldwide, providing suggestions and guidance for clients on how to develop and maintain healthy relationships with local tertiary institutions, government, and education agencies across Asia. We will also help our partners identify potential partners and develop connections in the education industry.

Student Resource

We have partnership with 95 international schools in China. You will be able to access these students through offline event, education exhibition, teacher training and program introduction session. We can also arrange annual visit to these schools to help you better understand your capabilities in these schools.

Industry Data

Based on our relationship with Can-Achieve and Country Garden, we are able to access millions of user data and student data online. This will help us make wiser decisions, learn consumer taste more accurately, promote your service more efficiently to all these users. We can also arrange school/community fair if you want to reach these audiences.

ADDIN Benchmark

We specialized in analyzing market opportunities, developing GTM road maps, diagnosing areas of weaknesses of overseas institutions. Thus, we are able to provide benchmarking service to our partners to understand their position among competitors domestically and internationally. We are the one of the few marketing agencies that can provide accurate and practical advice base on real data.

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