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We not only offer professional service on all platforms above, we also guarantee free consultation service for you and your clients. We help you answer questions in real-time when people need more guidance on applying to your school.


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Our expertise has helped many top universities build official website, ran campaigns, identify different marketing strategies to reach netizen on different channels and platforms and develop user-friendly and responsive omni-channel school-hunting experiences.
We have spoken to consumers from education segment on a daily basis more than any other media agency globally. We are the #1 education marketing agency in China not only because of our abundant resources but for our continuously growing marketing insights in both industries.

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Most frequently asked Questions

Why my school need digital marketing service?

The world now is quickly developed into a digitized version. More and more people rely on their phone, online information, social media to complete their daily tasks and look for information.

It is really a matter of time that offline education event will gear toward online education meet and greet. Going online makes it easier for parents and students all over the country to access info sessions and school updates faster and more accurately.

Measuring KPI is three-fold. First, we help you formulate media calendar, media strategy and media frequency. This is one way you can keep track of our work.

Second, we guarantee the view and exposure of your contents to our full capacity. The views and exposure will be different for each individual channel based on the algorithm but we will set a fixed number to help you monitor whether we meet the expectation.

Last but not least, you can check how many students we successfully send to your school. We will not guarantee the number but all of our media strategy will be targeted toward this goal.

There is no right answer for this question, it all depends. For example, if you want huge exposure in a short amount of time, we will suggest you use Douyin platform. If you want to drive more conversions, Zhihu and Red would be better options.

Thus, based on your own situations and need, we will formulate customized media strategy to help you narrow down your marketing platforms and the budget you need.


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