Red (The little red book, similar to Instagram+ Pinterest)

  • 200 Million DAU
  • 72% GENZ users
  • 50% Tier1&2 City Users
  • 43 Million Content Creators
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Also referred as the Little Red Book. One of the largest and fastest-growing social sharing platforms in China. It is a realtively young platform with 72% GENZ users.

A female dominated platform, best for targeting people with high purchasing power and want to increase their life standard.



Can be viewed as a combination of Instagram and Pinterest. The keyword for RED is “sharing different experience and lifestyles".  

Users of RED are intention driven. They will purposefully search for reviews, recommendations, suggestions, real experience from other users. Thus, this platform requires content variation and content quality more than other platforms.

Red: An ideal platform to target college students and professional workers and young parents.

Our Service


We help with content planning, campaign planning, video scripting, editing, account operation& management.

IP Account

IP account will be more dynamic and attractive to GENZ users. This type of account will make it easier to share campus life and expeirence of the school.

School Account

This type of account is good for sharing admission requirements, solid information of the schools. Efficient at driving conversions and decision making.

Content Planning

We help you formulate content strategy, media calendar, edit content to attract local users.

Video Planning

Based on materials provided, we will help you do script planning, video filming, editing and post productions.

Campaign Planning

We can help school arrange campaigns on RED, aiming to increase school exposure at the designated period.


Why should I establish Red account?

There are three major types of Red users:

1. People who wants to improve their quality of life.

2. People who have very strong intentions and are finding useful information on the things they are looking for.

3. People who are still deciding and want real-life advice from professionals and sophisticated sources.

These people are perfect audience for school who wants to increase student admissions and our experience told us that Red has higher conversion rate that any other social media platforms. Additional, the content life cycle is higher on this platform because the content you post last year will still appear high on the search result page as long as the content is relevant to the search.

Based on raw materials and a thorough school research, we will help your school generate original Red Posts and videos that best fit the platform dynamic and user behaviors.

Meanwhile, we will also set up brand tone, brand voice and brand positioning to let this Red account fit your school image the most.

Last but not least, we will help you design any related products and help you operate, manage and answer any questions on this account, improving students’ intention of applying.

We charge by media frequency, the more content you want, the higher it costs. However, we will also post contents that don't need intensive editing for free. We also guarantee high number of content exposure and view of each individual post. We will not guarantee number of followers because we found out that it is not important on Red how many followers you have, especially for education institutions. Most students will like and collect your content for future use and directly message you without actually following you on the platform.

For other detail, feel free to contact us anytime.

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An ideal platform to target college students and professional workers and young parents.


NO.1 platform to build awareness, impressions, social volume over competitors.

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