WeChat Official Account and Video Channel

  • 1.2 Billion Total WeChat User
  • 20 Million Official Account Registered
  • 360 Million Official Account DAU
  • 200 Million Video Channel DAU
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It infiltrates Chinese people's daily life from talking to friends and families, shopping, booking tickets, browsing information to learning about brand information.

We can not only help you verify your account on WeChat, using non-Chinese business license but also operate and manage WeChat accounts and campaigns for you.



WeChat currently has over 1.2 Billion active users, making it the platform to reach the most audiences.

WeChat has always been the place that people browse information, read articles, share information, interaction with brands. With the recent development of certain feature, it also becomes a place for brands to increase exposures and build awareness.

We suggest schools using the WeChat Official Account feature and the WeChat Video Channel feature to convey school information, in a way that is more authoritative and cost-efficient than running campaign on WeChat.

WeChat: The platform to target parent population and to post the most authoritative and official school information.

Our Service

Account Verification
Paid Ads
Content Creation
Account Operation and Management
Service Account/Subscription
Account Service
H5 Mini-program Development


Why should I establish WeChat account?

It is the major platform to target parent populations. It has the largest audience base and is the most used app everyday for communication, sharing and making payment.

We obtain raw material from school and start to create original contents on the platform and fits better with the local user behavior and reading habits.

You can also create your own contents and we help you design the layout of your contents, making it easier to read to the public.

In addition, if you need to make immediate annoucement and send spontaneous messages to your audiences, we will help you update this type of information complete free and on time.

Yes and no. WeChat video channel is a derivative video product of WeChat, aiming to retain more users on WeChat for longer period of time, especially when more and more people tends to view more video contents over text contents.

Pro: It spreads within people sharing similar economic status and social background. Ex, I'm a undergraduate student of NYU and my friend circle includes lots of people who also study abroad and who has relatively higher socio-ecnomical level. If I see a graduate program on WeChat video channel and like it, all of my friends will be recommended with the same content and see the program.

Cons: Not a very intuitive platform to use and hard to spread the content publicly among large audiences.

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An ideal platform to target college students and professional workers and young parents.


NO.1 platform to build awareness, impressions, social volume over competitors.


NO.1 platform to drive decision making processes from initiating a thought to completing the thoughts.

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