Zhihu (Similar to Quora, Q&A originizated platform)

  • 101 Million MAU
  • 80% Bachlor Degree or Above
  • 36 Million Education Column MAU
  • Professional Advice Seeking Platform
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Zhihu, one of the most important platform to drive consumer decisions in China. It was a Q&A platform at the beginning but now developed into a platform combining articles, image, video, discussions.

You are able to precisely target audiences through answering questions, making suggestions/comparisons, interacting with intended users.



Many people might not know, Zhihu besides Red is the major platform to acquire customers online.

Our research has shown that most people on Zhihu are educated, logical and rational. They have strong intention to convert but they need a push. Zhihu is the solution.

Zhihu: NO.1 platform to drive decision making processes from initiating a thought to completing the thoughts.

Our Service


Set brand tone, brand voice; formulate personalized marketing strategies, extract KSP of schools.

Content Planning

Professional authentic, Q&A intergrated content planning methods.

Account Operation

Manage account, formulate media calendar, generate media timeline, answer private messages.

Content Creation

Official messages, updates, important announcement, video/article/image contents.

Content Modification

Using the same contents, we can generate articles to fit various situations, such as personal expeirence, suggestions, recommendations, comparisons etc.

Q&A Lead Discussion

Answer questions on relating topics, exacerbate user interests, constently searching for hot topics.


Why should I establish Zhihu account?

Three major traits of Zhihu users:

1. Logical, rational and analytical

2. People like to view long and thorough comparison and analysis content on the platform.

3. Many people are looking for advice on the platform and we can directly target these people.

In short, Zhihu is a all-rounded platform for targeting the right audience and conveying professional/authouritative messages.

First, we can create original articles based on the information you provide. We will not only help you publish the content, we will also be in charge of related design work. Secondly, we will edit the article to make it looks like answers to a question and send these answers to students in need.

Using these method, we will attract intended users or raise awareness of your school to potential audiences. For example, if a student is asking about communication major but does not specify which country he wants to go, we can write something about your school's related program and stimulate this student's interest.

We can also optimize your article and contents to appear on the top place of search result page on Zhihu to further increase your content visibility.

We charge by media frequency, the more content you want, the higher it costs. However, we will also post contents that don't need intensive editing for free. We also guarantee high number of content exposure and view of each individual post. The price for Zhihu SEO will also be included in the monthly recurring charge.

We also help you publish video on Zhihu, if you purchase other video platform like Douyin or Red, this will be complete free of charge.

For other detail, feel free to contact us anytime.

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Exposure Package

Promote Your Content On Our Media Accounts, including Douyin, Red, Zhihu, WeChat, website etc.


An ideal platform to target college students and professional workers and young parents.


NO.1 platform to build awareness, impressions, social volume over competitors.

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