Complementary Service

H5 Page Development

  • For Activity
  • Campaign Promotion

H5 site makes it easier for your audience to access your information on their phone and on WeChat. Since WeChat is the Top 1 app people uses on a daily basis, constructing a site dedicated to show your school/promotional contents/campaign on WeChat becomes beneficial.

Building an H5 site can also help you collect student information more easily, design interactive contents to draw more attentions and build connections with your peers.

Complementary Service

Search Engine Optimization

  • Higher Ranking
  • More Traffic

Our sophisticated SEO technique will bring your website to the first page of search result page. We noticed that many school has built their official website locally but the traffic and ranking is not in an optimal state.

Through our professional SEO team, we will make sure that your website not only is fully indexed in Baidu, your keywords are optimized but we will continuously working on your website to make sure it always stay on top of the search result!

Complementary Service

Responsive Design

Responsive design cannot only provide your audience easy access to information on their mobile devices, but also makes people want to stay longer on your site, leading more and more traffic. Thus, we highly suggest you to develop your website with responsive design to have a sustainable website for on-going recruiting activities.

  • User Experience
  • Mobile Access
  • User Behavior
  • Higher Traffic

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